What is

GMR-Int is a Community program. Company create new design community program to share with his community member get income.

What is the
Benefits at GMR-Int?

Our team already create new concept of merketing plan for the communty members. This is to make sure no member will loss. company always want both side in "win-win situation.

How fast did I can get
my Rewards?

To get fast rewards all community member have to Direct Referral 5 community members.

Step to be a Millionaires

Follow this step to get million Rewards

Person 1


Signup and start

Person 2

Invite Friends

Sharing opportunities

Person 3

Refer 5 friends

To get income refer 5 friends

Person 4

Get Income and Rewards

Enjoy your Income and rewards

Mision & Vision



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has advised the people to working from home and the opportunities offered are in line with government recommendations.


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